DVD Mastering

While we wish Steve Jobs' had outlived his prophecy of the death of the disc, the reality is DVDs are still alive and well, and a much more reliable way to distirbute content than video downloads which can leave a low bandwidth user with whiplash, or worse nothing at all.

Have your video all set to go, just need to turn it into a disc? We can help. Need a disc edited? We do that too. Whether you just want a simple straight play disc, or something elaborate (we've built single discs with hundreds of menus for legal training projects) we can get your disc authored, mastered, replicated, and ready to distirbute to the world.

Introducing DVD Studio Pro

We do all our disc authoring with Apple's DVD Studio Pro, which enables us to do all those cool things you've seen on the Hollywood DVDs, without charging you $1,180 per hour. Drop a zero, and for $118 per hour we're happy to get authoring for you, billed in half hour increments.

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