Recovery of Unfinalized Audio CDs

The sermon just ended, the power went out, and now your Teac or Tascam CD recorder is giving you an audio CD that won't do anything. You try to finalize it, but the machine thinks it is blank and won't do anything. You throw it in the computer, no love. You try some software packages recommended from your frantic Google search, but you're not getting anywhere. We can help.

The good news is all is probably not lost. Your audio is most likely safely recorded on the CD. We just need to get out our special decoder ring to convert it into something that makes sense to your CD player.

Let's Get Recovering

The recvoery process is pretty straightforward. Just send us your disc, along with any info you may have about the equipment it was created on and the settings you used (send us as much info as you have, we can usually fill in the gaps, and can usually recover stuff even if you just send us a disc, but the more you know, the quicker things will go). Be sure to include your contact info so we know where to send it when we've cracked the code.

No Recovery, No Charge

Pricing for audio CD recovery is a flat rate $89 per disc. In the event that we can't recover anything from the disc, you're only out the cost to ship it to us, and return shipping if you want the disc back. That said, our success rate is pretty good.

If you have any additional questions about this service, feel free to e-mail or call us.