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Rediscover Your

8mm film 16mm film Super 8 film

We preserve 8mm and 16mm film reels as digital files so you can remember and share those special moments from the past.

  • Preserve your memories in a fraction of the space
  • Make special moments easy to share with friends and family
  • Remember those who have gone before

Your 8mm, Super 8, & 16mm Home Movies Won’t Last Forever

There is a reason why Hollywood films are stored in climate-controlled vaults. Film reels break down over time. The process is simple: moisture in the air combines with the acetate of the film to create acetic acid, or what we commonly call vinegar. This process causes the film to shrink and warp, rendering it unplayable. It is a slow process, but it is irreversible and unavoidable. Worse yet, it can spread from one reel of film to the next if they’re stored nearby! If your film is starting to smell like vinegar, there is no time to delay.

Stop Film Decay In Its Tracks
How can you stop “vinegar syndrome” from attacking your home movies? The easiest way is to convert your film to a digital format and cut the chemical reaction out of the equation. Once your films are digital, the files are immune from chemical decay and can be easily stored, shared, and backed up.

Digital files have an added benefit. They are much easier to watch! No screens to drag out of the closet or burned out projector bulbs to track down. Your films are ready to be enjoyed whenever you want to take a trip down memory lane.

Transfer My Film

Over 10 Million Feet of Film Transfer Experience
For over 20 years, Astound Video has been preserving 8mm, Super8, and 16mm film in digital formats. With over 10 million feet of film under our belt, and a dedicated in-house film department, we have the real-world experience it takes to preserve film properly for generations to come.

If you want film to look its best, not only do you need professional experience, you also need precision equipment. Our European-imported Filmfabriek HDS+ is one of the best film scanners in the Midwest, and that’s not an exaggeration. Capable of providing razor-sharp laser-registered 4K wetgate scans of 8mm, Super8, and 16mm film, the HDS+ also sports in-line optical and magnetic sound modules to ensure crystal-clear, perfectly synchronized audio for sound reels.

I brought more than fifty old 8mm films in for processing. Fantastic service at drop off and pick up. Digitizing 50 year old films was the best gift I've given to my parents, and trusting Astound to do the job was the best decision. Thank you!

Victoria S.

8mm films almost 65 years old were converted to dvd and we love them. Work completed sooner than expected and customer service was great. Plan on returning for more conversions.

Pat W.

I brought in almost 1,000 feet of very old Super 8 film to be transferred over to DVD. The quality of the DVD was amazing and watching those old family and friend movies was a real treat. Thank you, Astound. I couldn't have done this without you.

Ron T.

Transfer My Film

Getting Started is Easy
Whether you have one reel or a hundred, it’s easy to get started preserving them. Just gather up your film reels and bring them in to one of our five Twin Cities metro locations. We’ll review what you have, discuss your transfer options, provide tips on organization, and prepare a detailed quote.

After you place your order, we carefully label your films in the order you indicate and prepare them for transfer. They are then inspected and cleaned as necessary. We are capable of focusing on the individual grains of film that make up each frame. Because the grains of film are visible, we can know that the resolution of the transfer is limited only by the film itself, and not the camera or transfer process. Your picture will be the absolute best that the film allows it to be.

Once the film is transferred, we create a high-definition digital file for each reel, ready for delivery, or a DVD master with custom chapter markers for each reel. All DVDs utilize top-of-the-line archival-grade media (rated for 100 years) and proven thermal printing technology.

We’ll give you a call as soon as your order is completed, and all you have to do is pick it up and start enjoying and sharing your memories.

Formats Offered

8mm magnetic sound
Super 8
Super 8 magnetic sound
16mm magnetic sound
16mm optical sound

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Transfer My Film

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