Super8 Film Transfer Services

Whether you have one reel or a hundred, we provide quality film transfers at an affordable price. Our advanced frame-by-frame transfer technology utilizes top of the line Hitachi broadcast cameras to ensure your home movies look their best for generations to come.

Our Super8 Film Transfer Process

Once we receive your films, they are carefully labeled in the order you indicate and prepared for transfer. Your films are then inspected and cleaned as necessary, and smaller 3 inch reels may be spliced together on to larger reels in preparation for transfer.

A trained operator then utilizes custom-engineered telecine equipment to project your movie film directly into a professional video camera. Our modified equipment ensures the entire frame of film including the sprocket holes is visible during the conversion (the sprockets are cropped out later). Our broadcast cameras offer 40% higher resolution than any MiniDV or DV camcorder. We are capable of focusing on the individual grains of film which makeup each frame. Because the grains of film are visible we can know that the resolution of the transfer is limited only by the film itself and not the camera or transfer process. Your picture will be the absolute best as the film allows it to be.

Once the film is transferred, we create a DVD master with custom chapter markers for each reel. Using top of the line archival grade media (rated for 100 years) and our proven thermal printing technology, we create your finished DVDs ready for you and your family to enjoy.

Standard Pricing

Our standard pricing for Super 8mm Film Transfers is $29.99 setup fee plus a fixed cost per reel. The setup fee includes cleaning, splicing, and your first copy on DVD or as digital files. The cost per reel is as follows:

Reel Diameter Length Cost per Reel
3" 50 feet $19.99
4" 100 feet $39.99
5" 200 feet $79.99
6" 300 feet $119.99
7" 400 feet $159.99

This pricing guide covers most standard projects we see and gives you an idea of what you can expect to pay. However we understand that each project is unique and our standard pricing may not cover your particular situation. Give us a call and we'll work out a quote for you.