Transfer MiniDV to DVD

While MiniDV tapes provide high quality video in a compact format, they can be difficult to view or share without the camera. For this reason many people have their MiniDV tapes transferred to DVD.

DVDs provide several advantages. They take up less room, last longer, and make it easier to jump to a particular section of the video when you are looking for a particular video clip.

MiniDV Tapes Transferred to DVD Right Here in St. Paul

We run all of our MiniDV to DVD conversions onsite, and can turn most jobs in about a week. If you're in a rush, give us a call. We'll do our best to astound you with top quality service that meets your deadline, even if it was yesterday. Whether you need to transfer just one tape, or a thousand, we can provide you with transfers you'll be proud of.

Standard Pricing

For MiniDV transfers to DVD, we charge by the tape. A DVD can hold up to 2 hours of video. If your MiniDV tapes are recorded in standard play mode, we can usually fit two tapes on a disc. If you have multiple short tapes, we can also combine them on to a single disc. Our standard pricing for MiniDV to DVD transfers is as follows:

Quantity (number of tapes) Price Per Tape
1-9 $29.99
10-24 $27.99
25-49 $24.99
50-99 $19.99
100+ $14.99

Prices include a black thermal imprint and a paper windowed sleeve. Additional packaging options are available for an additional charge. Prices do not include applicable sales tax.

This pricing guide covers most standard projects we see and gives you an idea of what you can expect to pay. However we understand that each project is unique and our standard pricing may not cover your particular situation. Give us a call and we'll work out a quote for you.