Common Video Format Guide

Here is a quick and easy chart to help you figure out the video format of your tapes.

VHS video formatVHS/SVHS
VHS is the video format your VCR uses. SVHS was an early professional video format that used the same sized cassette.

VHS video formatVHS-C/SVHS-C
The size of a pack of cigarettes, this format was used for early camcorders.

VHS video formatMiniDV
Smaller than a credit card, this digital format is popular in today's higher end consumer camcorders

VHS video format8mm/Hi8/Digital8
About the size of a cassette tape, this family of formats is popular in affordable consumer camcorders.

VHS video formatA larger size version of the MiniDV format, this video format is most common in professional video equipment.

Another digital video format popular in professional video equipment and broadcast television.

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