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Rediscovering Memories In

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We help customers all across the US rediscover their home movies.

  • Our astounding in-person level of service anywhere in the U.S.
  • Upfront quotes and estimated completion dates (that we meet over 90% of the time)
  • Faster turnaround times than our national competitors with rush options.
  • Ability to talk to a real person about your order during business hours

Let us Preserve Your Media in 3 Easy Steps

If you are comfortable shipping your memories to get them transferred, you have lots of options, but only one of them is astounding.

We believe that if you ship us your memories, you should get the same level of service you would expect in person. For this reason we treat mail-in orders just like in-person orders and are available by phone during our regular office hours to answer any questions about your order from start to finish.

We provide you a detailed estimate in advance, and won’t ask for payment until your order is complete and we know exactly how much it will be.

Are you ready to be astounded? Just follow these three easy steps:

Give Us A Call

Give us a call. We’ll discuss what you have, what you would like to do, and make sure we can meet your needs before you ship us your media. If everything sounds good we’ll get an order started for you and provide you with an order number to use to identify your package.

Send Us Your Media

Package up your media and send it to us. You can use, UPS, FedEx or the post office. Make sure things are packed securely (records can be especially fragile) and be sure to include your order number in the package so we know it’s yours. We’ll notify you as soon as we receive your package.

Let Us Work Our Magic

We’ll get to work preserving your memories. If we encounter any issues we’ll give you a call, and if you have any questions you can always reach us during our regular business hours. Once your order is complete, we’ll collect payment and send it back to you.