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Rediscover Your

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We rip optical discs to digital files so you can access and share those special moments from the past. We also make disc copies.

  • Gain access to digital memories when you don’t have a disc drive
  • Make special moments easy to share with friends and family
  • Remember those who have gone before

Disc Drives are Becoming Increasingly Rare

Even if your CDs and DVDs will outlive you, the devices to play them on are getting harder and harder to find. Most new computers no longer include disc drives, and with streaming becoming the norm, many people don’t even own a DVD or Blu-ray player in their home entertainment center anymore! With our CD and DVD transfer (or “ripping”) services, we’re here to help you keep your most important home movies, music, and data accessible as technology changes.

Why Transfer Your Discs?
You might think, “I own a perfectly good DVD player, why would I want to transfer my discs?” Making copies of your most treasured media is the surest way to keep it safe for future generations. And if your backup is in a different format, all the better. You can upload your files to the cloud or a hard drive to keep them secure, and you’ll no longer have to worry about your discs getting scratched or worse. We can even work with foreign disc formats that won’t work in your player, and we offer disc recovery services to help get data that you may have thought lost long ago!

Digital files have another added benefit: they can be much easier to watch! You can share with friends or family anywhere in the world with a few clicks and make as many copies of your files as you want. Your videos, photos, music, and files will be ready to enjoy whenever and wherever you want.

Transfer My Discs

Excellent service, I needed a copy of a DVD from a family event that we had they were quick and great price. Very recommended.

Gerardo R.

I needed to have a large quantity of music CD's made within just a couple of days, including a 4-page jacket insert. It was during the holidays, and none of the other companies would do it. But Astound got the job done professionally and on time - even though we also had blizzards! The quality of their work was great as well.

Michelle R.

I had a great, speedy experience. Staff is friendly. I brought in a DVD with family footage for duplication and they duplicated it for me on the spot. It took about 10-12 minutes.

Leng M.

The Fastest Copies in the (Mid)West
Sometimes transfers aren’t the right solution for your discs, and extra copies are the way to go. Whether you want to hand them out at a family reunion, school event, or business function, we make copying your discs affordable, fast, and easy. With everything done in-house, we can make you as many copies of your CDs and DVDs as you want, usually in just a few minutes while you wait. We do thermal printing on archival-grade disc stock for a clean, professional look that will stand the test of time. We even offer full-color printing to take your project to the next level!

Copy My Discs



Getting Started is Easy
Whether you have just one disc or hundreds, whether you want transfers or copies, it’s easy to get started preserving them. Just gather up your discs and bring them in to one of our five Twin Cities metro locations. We’ll review what you have, discuss your options, provide tips on organization, and prepare a detailed quote.

If you dropped your order off, we’ll give you a call as soon as it’s complete, and all you have to do is pick it up and start enjoying and sharing your memories.

Services Offered

CD & DVD transfer
CD & DVD copies
custom disc design
color disc printing
CD & DVD packaging
mini DVD transfer
custom disc authoring
disc recovery

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Transfer or Copy My Discs

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