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Rediscover your

cassettes records reel to reels 8 tracks minidiscs microcassettes wire recordings

We preserve audio media as digital files or CDs so you can hear the sounds of the past.

  • Preserve your memories in a fraction of the space
  • Enjoy your music without wear and tear on your albums
  • Hear voices no longer with us

Your Audio Won’t Last Forever

Just like video tape, audio tape needs to be stored under specific conditions in order to prevent a process called binder hydrolysis or, “sticky tape” from causing your tape to stick together like glue. Beyond that, vinyl records can be scratched or even broken, leading to a potentially irreplaceable loss. And where do you even find a working wire audio player?

Keep Your Audio Safe
How can you keep your precious audio collection safe, or even hear it at all? The easiest way is to convert your audio to a digital format and cut the danger and hassle out of the equation. Once your audio is digital, the files are immune from physical danger, they can be easily stored, shared, and backed up, and you don’t have to worry about wearing them out.

Digital files have an added benefit. They are much easier to watch! No pencils on standby for respooling cassettes, no scratching records, or worrying about worn needles on the turntable. Your audio is ready to enjoy whenever you want to take a trip down memory lane.

Transfer My Audio

Hearing it Again for the First Time
For over two decades, Astound Video has been preserving audio cassettes, records, reel to reel audio tape, voicemails, DATs, wire audio, minidiscs, and more in digital formats. Our skilled technicians have the experience it takes to preserve audio materials properly for generations to come.

If you want your audio to sound its best, we’re here to help. Our combination of top of the line equipment, studio-grade software, and meticulous staff might even mean that the audio you get back sounds cleaner and fresher than it has in years (or sometimes… ever!)

I was a music major in college and had never heard my senior organ recital tape because I didn't have the correct equipment to play it. I brought the 48 year old tape to be changed into a CD. Thank you very much for doing a great job, for giving excellent advice and having it done earlier than I expected.

Carolyn G.

Brought in an old casette that was of my grandfathers band back in the 70s. I had it converted to a CD. Not only did they get it done quickly, but they actually created the different track numbers for each song! I was expecting one long track (like on the casette) but they went above and beyond! Highly recommend!

Adam R.

I had Astound convert 3 cassettes of fairy tales and fables from my childhood into CDs for my nieces and nephew to enjoy. The clerk was friendly and helpful and they called to let me know my order was ready the very next day! I was happy to see the titles and tracks listed neatly on each disc (no junky sharpy titles on these bad boys!) and each came with a jewel case. Happy customer. Will return.

Audrey L.

Transfer My Audio

Getting Started is Easy
Whether you have one cassette or a hundred records, it’s always easy to get started preserving them. Just gather up your audio and bring it in to one of our five Twin Cities metro locations. We’ll review what you have, discuss your transfer options, provide tips on organization, and prepare a detailed quote.

Once you place your order, your audio is carefully labeled and prepared for transfer. They are then inspected and cleaned as necessary before transferring. When your audio is done being transferred, we clean it up and prepare it to be listened to again.

After that, we create audio files for each item, ready for delivery, or a CD master with custom tracks for each song. All CDs utilize top of the line archival grade media (rated for 100 years) and proven thermal printing technology.

We give you a call as soon as your order is completed, and all you have to do is pick it up and start enjoying and sharing your memories.

Formats Offered

audio cassette
record (33, 45, and 78 RPM)
reel to reel (1/4″)
8 track
micro cassette
mini cassette
wire audio

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Transfer My Audio

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