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Rediscover your

slides photos negatives transparencies albums

We preserve your images as digital files so you can remember and share those special moments from the past.

  • Preserve your memories in a fraction of the space
  • Turn old slides and photos into a video slideshow
  • Make photo prints from your images

Your Slides, Photos & Negatives Won’t Last Forever

Slides, negatives, and photos are small and fragile. Handling a photo wrong leaves fingerprints. Negatives can get scratched. Slides can jam in projectors and be destroyed. And all of it gets dusty, dirty, and fades in the sun. Worse yet, precious photos are easy to file away, only for you to forget where they went.

Protect Your Images Digitally
Once your images are digital, the files are immune from the dangers of the physical world, and can be easily sorted, shared, and backed up.

Digital files have another added benefit. They’re much easier to view! No burned out projector bulbs to track down, fingerprints on photos, or trying to hold a piece of film up to the light to see what’s on it. Your photos are ready to be enjoyed whenever you want to take a trip down memory lane.

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Over 100,000 Images Scanned Per Year
For nearly 25 years, Astound Video has been preserving slides, negatives, photos, newspaper clippings, books, magazines, photo albums, documents, glass plates, blueprints, and more digitally. With over two million individual images scanned and a dedicated scanning department, we have the real-world experience it takes to carefully preserve any kind of image digitally for generations to come.

If you want to handle the widest variety of images that the world has to offer, not only do you need the right experience, but you also need the right equipment. We have a suite of image scanning and photography equipment at our disposal to tackle every variety of image, and professional photo editing software for cleaning things up afterward when we need to.

Super happy with the experience. Photos look amazing!

Michael D.

I want to thank you for a super excellent job of digitizing 4 slides for us yesterday.. You have convinced us to have Astound convert the rest of our slides... probably over 1200 slides. You provided us a truly amazing experience... Astounding!!!

Howard B.

Went to get some slides transferred to a thumb drive. Fast turnover, reasonable rates, quality service. Excellent!

William F.

Transfer My Images

Getting Started is Easy
Whether you have ten photos or thousands of slides, it’s easy to get started preserving them. Just gather up your materials and bring them in to one of our five Twin Cities metro locations. We’ll review what you have, discuss your transfer options, provide tips on organization, and prepare a detailed quote.

When you place your order, we carefully label your images in the order and groups you indicate, then prepare them for transfer. Every item is hand-inspected before scanning to ensure proper orientation, focus, and cropping.

Once your images are scanned, we check each one and make small adjustments as needed. After that, we can also do retouching, make photo prints for you, or create a video slideshow from the files for you, if you want. Otherwise, you’ll get all your images back as digital files.

We give you a call as soon as your order is complete, and all you have to do is pick it up and start enjoying and sharing your memories.

Formats Offered

35mm slides
photo negatives
photo prints
framed photos
nonstandard slides
photo albums
glass plate negatives
… and more!

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Ask us!

For detailed pricing, click here to visit our pricing page.


Transfer My Images

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Astound Video is a family-owned, Minnesota-made company. We rely on the continued support of our fantastic customers to keep us here and keep jobs in our community. Thank you!

The Most Trusted in Minnesota

Nearly a quarter century old, you can rest easy trusting Astound Video to care for your irreplaceable memories. They won't leave our care until we hand them back to you.