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This page provides a summary of our general pricing for the most common services that we offer.

Every project is unique! If you need help with something not listed here or would like to learn about any quantity discounts or specials that may apply to your project, please give us a call.

(For projects going to digital files, file storage is not included.)

Video Tape Transfers

We’ll transfer your entire tape to either DVD or digital files for one flat-rate price, regardless of how long the tape is. You’ll never need to worry about whether it’s worth it to relive all of your family vacation, or… just the first half.

Video Tape Transfer Prices

Standard Video Tape Formats

Our basic transfer prices cover all of the most common home video formats, whether you have VHS tapes, VHS-C, Hi8/8mm/Digital8, or MiniDV tapes. Bring in enough at once, and we’ll throw in a quantity discount.

Quantity Price
1-9 tapes $39.99 each
10-24 tapes $34.99 each
25-49 tapes $29.99 each
50-99 tapes $24.99 each
100+ tapes $19.99 each

Premium Video Tape Formats

Some types of tapes are harder to transfer than others. Whether there’s more work involved or a harder time keeping rarer equipment in service, sometimes we need to charge a bit more to run your tape. If you have foreign tapes (like PAL or SECAM) or tapes that are Betamax, HDV, MicroMV, DVCAM, DVCPro, MII, Betacam, Umatic (3/4″), LaserDisc, or HDCAM, there is a $30.00 per tape surcharge on our normal pricing above.

Video Tape Repairs

Do you have a VCR or camcorder with a tape stuck inside? Did your VCR eat your tapes, or were they damaged by a fire or flood? We’ll do our best to help! We can fix most types of damaged tapes for just $24.99 per repair attempt. Results are not guaranteed, but it’s rare that we meet a tape we can’t save!


8mm & 16mm Film Transfers

We can transfer 8mm, super 8, and 16mm movie film to either DVD or digital files. If your film has sound, we’ll get that too at no extra cost, unlike most transfer shops! All film transfers include a one-time per order setup fee, regardless of how much film you bring in. This covers the time to get our equipment set up just for your film, as well as any cleaning, splice repairs, or leader we need to add in order to run your film smoothly.

Film Transfer Prices

Standard Film Transfers

The setup fee for our normal film transfers is $29.99. After that, our standard film transfers are priced per reel, based on the diameter of the film on the reel. While DVDs are standard definition, your digital files made from these transfers will be in high definition. You can get both DVDs and digital files for just the cost of an extra setup fee.

Reel Size Feet Price
3″ reel 50 ft. $24.99 each
4″ reel 100 ft. $49.99 each
5″ reel 200 ft. $99.99 each
6″ reel 300 ft. $149.99 each
7″ reel 400 ft. $199.99 each
8″ reel 600 ft. $299.99 each
10″ reel 700 ft. $349.99 each
12″ reel 1200 ft. $599.99 each
14″ reel 1600 ft. $799.99 each
15″ reel 2000 ft. $999.99 each


Premium Film Transfers

Are high definition files not good enough for your project? Do you have a priceless piece of history being preserved, or are you planning to project your film transfer in a theater? We also offer 4K film transfers! Film run this way is also sent through a wet gate to give you an even cleaner picture. The setup fee for Premium film orders is $99.99 per order, and these film transfers are priced at $4.99 per foot of film run, regardless of the number of source reels.


CD & DVD Transfers (and copies)

CD/ DVD Transfers (Disc Rips)

No more disc drive on your computer? We’ll transfer everything off of your optical discs for just $29.99 per disc.

CD/ DVD Copies (Duplication)

This is a straight 1:1 copy of exactly the disc you brought in, and we can usually do it while you wait. The prices below are for the number of copies from a single source and include your choice of case for up to 24 discs. (Quantities of 25 or more come in paper sleeves, but you can always upgrade to fancier packaging for an extra charge.)

Quantity B+W Copies Color Copies
1-9 copies $14.99 per disc $16.99 per disc
10-24 copies $9.99 per disc $11.99 per disc
25-49 copies $6.99 per disc $8.99 per disc
50-99 copies $5.99 per disc $6.99 per disc
100-249 copies $3.99 per disc $4.99 per disc
250+ copies $2.99 per disc $3.99 per disc

Slide & Photo Transfers

If it’s (mostly) flat, we can scan it, from newspapers to negatives. Our pricing includes your scanned images as individual files on a data disc or flash drive. Prints and Slideshows are available for an additional charge. There is a $35.00 minimum charge on all scanning work. We do not currently offer any quantity discounts on image scanning work.

Standard Scanning

Our Standard slide and negative scanning is done at roughly 2,400 DPI, which is a good resolution for video slideshows and prints up to 5×7. Standard photo scanning is done at 300 DPI, a good size for slideshows and reprints. We offer both Basic and Flatbed options for Standard slide scanning- the resolutions are similar, but you’ll get a bit more clarity from our flatbed scans.

Source Material Standard Price
Basic 35mm Slides $0.99 each
Other Sized Slides $1.49 each
Loose Photos and Documents $0.99 each
Negatives, Transparencies, Framed Images, Large Items, and Photo Album Images $1.99 each

Premium Scanning

Are you planning to enlarge your scanned images, publish them in a book, or use them for a website? We also offer high-resolution Premium scanning options. Premium slide and negative scanning is done at 4,800 DPI, and Premium photo scanning is done at 600 DPI.

Source Material Premium Price
Slides $2.49 each
Loose Photos and Documents $2.49 each
Negatives, Transparencies, Framed Images, Large Items, and Photo Album Images $2.49 each


If you want prints made from your scanned material, we now offer photo prints in either a glossy or matte finish and a variety of sizes! There is a $35 minimum order for prints.

Print Size Price
4×6 $0.99 each
5×7 $2.99 each
8×10 $5.99 each

Audio Transfers

Have you heard? We don’t just do video- we can help you preserve just about any kind of audio media as well. The prices below include track breaks for music and some basic audio cleanup. You have the choice of an audio CD, digital files, or both for the same cost. We do not currently offer any quantity discounts on audio transfers.

Source Medium Price
Cassette $29.99 each
Record (33/45/78) $29.99 each
Open Reel (Reel to Reel) $1.99 per minute (30 minute minimum)
Micro/Mini Cassette $29.99 each
Wire Audio $69.00 per half hour
DAT $29.99 each
MiniDisc $29.99 each
Voicemail $69.00 per half hour
Audio Files to CD $29.99 per 80-minute CD

Other Services

We offer a suite of other services that don’t fall neatly under one of our main categories. Don’t see what you’re looking for here? Give us a call! This isn’t a complete list, and if we’re not able to help with your request, chances are that we know who can.

Custom Editing

For $69.00 per half hour of labor, we can make whatever you can envision come to life from your custom editing instructions or with an in-person editing session.


For $99.99 per slideshow, transform your image files into a playable video slideshow complete with transitions and your choice of music and titles. (Some music might incur an additional cost.)

Disc Authoring

Have videos from your phone, digital camcorder, or other source that you want made into a playable DVD? For $69.00 per 2-hour disc, we can make a custom DVD for you.

Floppy (3.5″/5.25″) and Zip Disks to Digital Files

Quantity Price
1-9 disks $29.99 each
10+ disks $19.99 each

Other Services

Give us a call for full details on these services.

Service Price
Digital Files to Data Disc $29.99 per disc
Cell Phone Transfer $69.00 per device
Disc Recovery $69.00 per disc attempt
Custom Packaging Art $69.00 per design

Blank Media, Supplies, and Equipment for Sale

Are you a retro media enthusiast hunting for something that the big box stores have long since forgotten about? We offer a variety of hard-to-find items for sale, including blank discs, audio and video tape stock, cases and packaging, film supplies, and so much more. We also offer a limited supply of used equipment for sale at our Roseville store. Prices and stock vary based on availability, so give us a call to see if we have what you’re looking for.

We also offer several storage options for you to have your transfers pre-loaded onto.

Drive Size Price
16GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive $14.99 each
64GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive $34.99 each
2TB USB 3.0 Hard Drive $99.99 each

View Your Old Media

If you’re looking to preview your materials before committing to a transfer, we have two options available to help.

Self-Serve Viewing Room

For $29.00 per hour, you can rent a private Viewing Room (currently only available at our Saint Louis Park location). If you decide to have transfer work done after your viewing, some or all of the cost of the appointment will be credited back to you!

Guided Viewing Appointment

For materials not supported in our Viewing Room, or if you would prefer professional accompaniment, we offer guided viewing appointments at all of our locations for $69.00 per half hour. (There is no credit towards transfer work available with these appointments.)